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Tweet x-up >> 30.03.2021 ~ 19∶43 EEST:

See how their GDP grows during War time years on European soil (1939-45) -- https://www.multpl.com/us-gdp-inflation-adjusted -- with about 400% overall plus rate. I wrote about this some 4 years ago -- https://maxilian.blog.bg/photos/137129/original/USA-GDP-Growth-WWII.jpeg -- and as a result they've altered the source data table, so it is no precisely visible there any more. Yes, We'd like to have cooperation with bright-sided US minds, but as Russia and China, the federal USA runs a twofold story, with the dark one being as dirty as the Russian and Chinese. How do You cooperate with a state that has initiated unilateral sanctions against the International Criminal Justice personnel for proceeding a legitimate investigation over committed War crimes, moreover, that is doing nothing to seek responsibility for these crimes on domestic basis, as Australia did? When they're going for another War now, being the primary reason for the very flux addressed, the EU is letting them wage it here, again, really? (Along the "Fuck EU" madam, accordingly, appointed again) There was no leader from Continental Europe at the Yalta conference, and if somebody believes the future should be determined from what have happened in the past, I suggest to take sober account of the mistakes, made so far, in order to overcome them, not to repeat


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